Oil Cooler Kit - Subaru Sambar (スバル サンバー)

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We've been working with Setrab to design the best kit on the market. Setrab has one of the best reputations in all of motorsport for its ability to deliver a combination of durability, performance, and superior flow control in all their oil cooler application.

We've gone through the process and calculations to design the best oil cooler for your Sambar.  We're also keeping it simple with only one option - fan or no fan.  Of course, we strongly recommend selecting the fan option to ensure you are always getting the air flow needed.  Everything else we've take the worry away ... stainless steel lines to better manage the exposed nature of the mounting location, remote filter stand w/thermostat, reliable AN08-RU fittings, billet take off plate, and a 19 row cooler ... all designed for the 660 CC, high rev, high temp motor that's packed in the back of your Sambar.

* at this time a mounting bracket is NOT included and lines are NOT pre-cut or assembled