Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike what you might find on other sites these are actual, real-life frequently asked questions. These are not things that I think you want to know or things I want you to know. These are actual, and frequent questions I get in conversation on discussion boards or from out contact us page. Of course, if your question is not answered here, feel free to forward it to us using our Contact Us page.

How much does your Offroad Bar cost?
The pricing for the "Gorilla Offroad Bar" is the same regardless of the vehicle you are buying for. The pricing breaks down as follows:

$565 - Gorilla Offroad Bar
FREE - Gorilla Black powder coat finish
FREE - Between 4 to 8 light tabs (model dependent)
$195 - Skid Plate (optional)
$165 - Winch Mount (optional - omits two inner bottom light tabs)
$195 - Winch Mount w/D-Ring Shackle Tabs (optional - omits two inner bottom light tabs)
$125 - D-Ring Shackle Tabs (w/out winch)
$145 to $225 - Shipping estimates depending on location and country

Can you make an access hole in the skid plate to make oil changes easier?
Really? Uh, no. I mean we can but we'd be tempted to send some finger nail polish with your skid plate when we ship it. In all sincerity, there are a several reasons why we will not modify our current skid plate design:

  • Anytime you put a hole in a sheet of metal you weaken it.
  • Anytime you put a hole in a skid plate, you introduce the possibility for an object to enter that hole and I'm not talking about your hand while doing an oil change.
  • The nature of the hole will only increase the likelihood that any object that does find its way in will not easily find its way out and could very well become stuck or even pushed in farther, doing more damage.
  • Most people perform 4 to 5 oil changes a year, is removing 6 bolts and taking 5 more minutes (total remove and reinstall time) really that much of an inconvenience.
  • So, you're telling me that when you change the oil you have no interest in inspecting the rest of the vehicle? Our skid plate covers and protects ALOT of things that I want to look at when I do an oil change. These include but are not limited to: coolant and steering lines/hoses, exhaust headers, head and valve cover gaskets, and engine mounts.
  • On a side note - have you noticed the other skid plates have all these extra bends and folds that make it follow the contour of the under carriage? Ours is flat - so you can confidently use it to literally "skid" or "slide" over things - we're just trying to make it live up to its name. Any extra folds create opportunities for obstacles to create resistance and even damage - of course the extra folds/bends also weaken the metal too.

What LED light would you recommend / What do you think of LEDs
Great question so let me break it down as easily as I can ... LEDs = short range ... Halogen/HID = long range.

Here's the thing what I have found is that the LEDs are great for short range lighting - off-road, low speed trail riding for example. They provide a huge amount of light, there is no denying that and they blow away any standard light out there when it comes to close range intensity - they vomit light. With that, however, comes a certain lack of control. You can't focus or even really aim the light - not good for rally drivers who need light 100 yards in front of them when driving 80+ mph through a dark, narrow, forest road. The other thing I've found is there is very little difference between the spot, flood, and combo units. Oh, they suck in the fog - because they vomit light, they shoot it everywhere so once it gets above the hood line of the car it creates a white wall:

Is the mounting hardware included for your mud flaps / gravel guards?
Yes. As with all our products, hardware is included with your initial purchase. Replacements, should you need them, are available in our Parts Bin.

Can you send me some stickers?
Yes, so long as you buy them or anything else from us. We'd really like to send out free sticker but we're not quite that well off just yet. All our "discretionary" money is invested in research and development or rally team sponsorship. If you want free stickers, you gotta go to an event or by buy something - sorry.

Can I stack your 1" lift spacers?
No. Stacking two 1 inch spacers is not a good idea for several reasons Aside from the dramatic change in the suspension geometry, if you lift a Subaru beyond 1 inch, there are other parts of the vehicle that will need some sort of spacer as well. So, for the time being, 1 inch spacers will be all that we offer.

Are trailing arms needed with 1" lift spacers?
No - not really. Would we like to sell our adjustable trailing arms to you - Yes! But in all sincerity you really don't need them if you add our strut tower spacers if you stay with the OEM tire size and don't have any other customizations. But, as soon as you introduce a larger tire, a taller spring, or any additional lift or modification you will run into issues and should include the adjustable trailing arm in your plans.

When is the Gorilla Offroad Bar for the Forester/Legacy/Outback/XV coming?
With the 2014 year almost done, our work is not. We're on track to offer the XV Crosstrek Offroad Bar in our Q4 Build. That means we'll be looking at the late model Forester and Outback models in early 2015. We might even through in a Ford Focus with the attention our mud flaps are bringing to that market. So stay tuned and let your friends know about what we're doing, especially if they live in the Chicagoland Area and have a Subaru or anything else that an Offroad Bar will look good on.

When is your next production run?
Our production runs are determined by a combination of overall demand and the availability of our fabricator. Since he keeps busy with other projects (cages, fuel cells, custom fabrication, etc.) we have to coordinate at least two weeks of fabrication time which has to be done well in advance. So, as we see demand building, we are constantly looking at the calendar - weighing the time of year, our work load, and the timing of certain events - to plan our next build. That is why they are not set and vary. This is why you should be sure you follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook or any of the other social media outlets/discussion boards we frequent, you don't want to miss out on a production run announcement since we never know when the next one is. That is why we suggest submitting your purchase order - as soon as we see ten of those, we know we have a group of serious buyers which expedites our production schedule planning.

I want a bar, why can't I give you my money?
You are welcome to send us your money but we really don't like taking it if we do not know when we can deliver a product. Once we have determined a production schedule - we post links for people to submit deposits and final payments and that is a good time to give us some money.

Who can install your products?
You can. But, if you're not comfortable doing the work any local mechanic shouldn't have a problem doing the work. Refer to our list of Authorized Installers to see if there is a shop near you that has gone through a qualification process that ensures you'll have a good experience with the installation of our products.


Are you still making the intake?
We have resumed production (in limited quantities) of the MAP based intake. We are still working on getting its cost down as well as a means of bringing back the MAF intake as well. We are make progress but there is a lot of research and development that we need to do - something that is very difficult for a relatively young company (but we're trying).

What is your payment process (non-inventory/build items)?
Our payment process is relatively simple. When we announce a build schedule it will include dates for deposit, fabrication, final payment, and shipping. We do not take any money for these items outside a build schedule unless we happen to have an inventory. Immediately after submitting a deposit, you will be asked to define your options (through a form on our website). After completing those steps, a final payment is calculated - it will itemize the bar, your options, and shipping. We will not ship the item until final payment is made - so if you need more time, we will hold onto it for you. If for any reason you need to cancel your order, we will charge a $75 inventory fee but will otherwise refund the rest of the money you've paid in to that point - regardless of where we are in the build.

For customers willing and/or close enough to drive out to our shop to pick up the piece, to avoid shipping and/or to have us install it, arrangements will be made accordingly and final payment can be made at the time of pick-up.


As more and more questions come in and I find myself typing the same thing over and over again, I will periodically come here to expand this list. As mentioned in the opening statement, if your question is not answered here feel free to forward it to us using our Contact Us page.