Rear Spring - Subaru Sambar (スバル サンバー)

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After a lot of research and development we partnered up with Swift Spring, USA to create the best engineered spring for your Subaru Sambar.  Sold as part of the Subaru Sambar Silverback Coilover Suspension system, you can now purchase just the rear spring separately ... all by itself.  This allows you to customize your truck all on your own or literally piece together our coilover application over the course of time.

Our spring, similar to Subaru's OEM spring is a two step linear spring. This means a top section of the spring is rated differently than a bottom BUT these rates are linear - this is NOT a progressive spring.

The top 2.125 inches is set to 175 lbs per inch. This means that 371.875 lbs are required to compress the spring outside of this zone.

The bottom 5.375 inches is set to 290 lbs per inch. This means that 1,562.500 lbs are required to completely compress this zone of the spring.

The Subaru Sambar trucks have a rear vehicle preload weight of about 350.000 which will use the first 2in of the spring.  The remaining top zone is designed for unloaded drive comfort while the remaining 5+ inches provides the same load capacity recommendation as the OEM set up.

If you do the math, you can clearly see the load compacity of this spring is much greater than the recommended vehicle load capacity.

Price is per spring